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Forget Me Not

The flowers on the entertainment table are dehydrated and moldy

Not to long ago they were full of life

Bold and tall

But now they droop

Hanging over the side of the see-through vase

Reeking of desperation

Once colorful


And spirited

But now

But now

They plead to be seen

Gripping on to one last hope

For anyone

To just slow down

To slow down

Just enough to notice

To notice their existence

To notice their unmet needs

For anyone


To bring them back to life

(Photo by my amazing husband)

Have you ever found yourself feeling like overlooked flowers? Do you often find yourself stuck in the chaos? Wondering how you got here? Wondering if any of it's worth it? Wondering what things would be like if you just made one different choice in life?

It's easy to lose yourself while parenting.

We spend countless hours making appointments, driving to every after school activity, making sure our babies are eating healthy, limiting screen time, playing in nature, oh, and connecting with our partners while trying to find time to stay in shape and keep up with the latest fashions.

It's easy to say WTF under your breath or better yet, be like me and scream WTF numerous times a day.

We do so much. So damn much.

We're not built to run on E. We are not built to give over and over again with nothing in return. We are built like flowers. We are built to stand tall when watered. Delicate yet strong enough to withstand the wind.

When we put the focus on everyone else and stop taking care of ourselves.

We droop.

We hang low.

We become unrecognizable.

And that's not okay.

It's not okay for our babies, our partners, and more importantly it's not okay for ourselves.

In moments of uncertainty, in moments filled with self-doubt and despair, I beg you to ground yourself.

Center yourself with the universe.

Place one hand on your belly

The other over your heart

Inhale through you nose

Exhale all that exhausts you through your mouth

Ground yourself

Protect your peace

Claim your happiness

You are not the anxiety that runs through you

You are not the intrusive thoughts that consume you

You are not the guilt that you feel at the end of the day

You are bold

You are colorful

You are full of life

You are magic

You are safety

You are love

You are home

So, when you are low, suffocating on the world around you.

Don't give up

Give grace

Reclaim your thoughts

Reclaim your beauty

Reclaim yourself

And if no ones told you lately, let me be the one to remind you

You're doing an amazing job, Mama.

The rain will start to fade

The sun will rise again

And you will blossom

Into the beautiful wild flower that you are

(Photo by my amazing husband)

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Alice King
Alice King
May 03, 2022

This was beautifully written and something I needed to read. You look stunning!

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