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Family of five sitting on a couch laughing at a photoshoot in Boston

We are Family

Boston Family

We Are Family Photography craves to give families an experience that is memorable. A chance to connect with your family while the sun sets. A chance to let the personalities of your sweet babies shine. No awkward posing, just love, connection, and your family - just the way you are.

Jenea Blackman holding her son Adrian in a field outside of Boston
Jenea Blackman posing on a couch at a photography studio in Boston
Mother cuddles her two young girls in a field near Boston



Just The
Way You Are

Mother holding daughter close during a photoshoot near Boston

Love Notes

"When your teenager says '“Mom, we are using her every time'“ She is so nice, fast and the pictures come out good.. we are going to her every time!! I mean it doesn’t get better then your kids agreeing to get there pictures taken. A very happy mom who was able to get all of her children in one photo! A relaxing non stressful experience... I can’t wait to continue to use Jenea for future photos!"



Live in the moment. I'll document the details.

I’m here to capture the small, fleeting, ordinary, extraordinary moments that make up a life - not just how they looked, but how they felt. When you look back at your photos, you’ll feel the honesty and the intimacy that takes you back to the moment and reminds you of the life you’re building together, one tiny moment at a time.

Man cradles woman's chin lovingly while in a corner of a photography studio in Boston


Sunset Sessions


Capturing your family just the way you are, at this moment, in this season, in this time. Those moments in between the chaos.

There is something magical about sunsets. The warm golden light bounces off those little faces as they run into your arms.

We're going to become family. This session is about spending time together, telling your story, capturing your life. There are no rules.

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