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Man and woman embrace as two girls run around them in a park near Boston
A blonde girl in a red dress hugs a young girl in a red pattered dress
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Your Chaos is Beautiful

Picking someone to capture the most important days of your life is no joke. I’m not just providing beautiful pictures, but a moment in time. While I don’t take myself too seriously, I fully understand the importance of choosing a photographer you click with. I’m passionate about serving families and providing an extraordinary experience, as well as some gorgeous images.

The Avie Reign

Starting at $600

40 edited images

Digital album + Print release

Relaxed time setting

Styling assistance + 48-hour preview

With no time limit, you and your family are able to fully relax. We’ll shake the sillies out, run around while the sunsets, cuddle close with a tickle fight, and capture all the magic in between the perfect moments.

You’ll have a date night you’ve so desperately needed. The family time you’ve so deeply been craving. But most importantly, we won’t just be filling up empty frames. We will be telling your story.

Girl with curly brown hair looks up to the camera
Avie Reign
Baby in white sweatsuit lays on wedding dress

The Adrian Knox

Starting at $450

15 edited images

Digital album + Print release

30-minute session

This session gives just enough time to showcase those pearly whites, cuddle close, capture a few snuggles, and have a picture to send to friends and family.

Adrian Knox


Starting at $1,575

100 Edited Images

Digital album + print release

Relaxed time setting

Styling assistance + 24-hour preview

This collection allows you to showcase that beautiful baby bump, those wrinkly baby toes, and how far you've come throughout the year with your first family session.

This collection allows you to look back at simpler times and reminisce on the important chapters of your family's journey. 

From start to finish, I'm here to tell your story.

Woman's hand holds tiny baby foot with hopsital anklet
Man in tan suit holds the hand of a woman in white wedding dress on the steps of a church


Starting at $1,500

Timeline planning

No limit on edited images

Digital album + USB + Print release

Up to full day coverage

Free engagement session

Boston + Beyond


Love Notes

"When your teenager says '“Mom, we are using her every time'“ She is so nice, fast and the pictures come out good.. we are going to her every time!! I mean it doesn’t get better then your kids agreeing to get there pictures taken. A very happy mom who was able to get all of her children in one photo! A relaxing non stressful experience... I can’t wait to continue to use Jenea for future photos!"

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