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Monday Mom Tip

Take the day.

If you're a Mom you may be thinking "How can I possibly take a day off?" Well, I'm here to remind you that you CAN and you SHOULD. This weekend I finally learned something that I've been hearing since my daughter was in the womb ..

- everything can wait -

Well, full disclosure that's not how shit goes down in my house. We don't have control over many things as parents so I've become a "tiny" bit excessive with tidying up (even when the kids are still actively playing) and boy it's exhausting. But, I didn't have a choice this weekend.

This weekend I had the privilege of celebrating a friend; we stayed at a beautiful house along Sunday River and just lived. Slept when I wanted to sleep (alone) , ate what I wanted to eat (without sharing),used the bathroom without tiny hands peeking through the bottom, and I didn't even have to pack my nursing bra! It was everything. But it was also really hard.

I found myself constantly worrying about what the kids were doing, how they were doing, how my husband was doing, and of course - if I would still have a house to come back home to! It took a lot of mental effort but I continued to remind myself that this is good for ALL of us. And guess what?

When I walked in the house the shoes weren't perfectly lined next to the front door, toys were scattered across the downstairs, a trail of clothes outlined the hallways, and dishes were in the sink. But the intensity of the hugs I got, the abundance of kisses, the overwhelming feeling of appreciation and love was something better than a RomCom with Jennifer Anniston. It was magical.

So I want to be the first to tell you , take the day.

The dishes eventually got done, the clothes neatly hung, and the toys and shoes in their places. But there was nothing better than the cuddles and appreciation that came from my kids and husband due to my absence. Yes, we are Moms with mountains on our plates every day but we are still ourselves too. We need time to recharge and remember the person we were before answering to Mama. We need time to reconnect with ourselves.

So take the day. Whether you sit in a parking lot, go out with friends, or participate in something you enjoy.

Schedule it. Commit to it. Enjoy it.

Remember Motherhood is a full time job. Our bosses are barely equipped enough to wipe their own butts. It's our duty (pun intended) to schedule our day offs.

Will there be a mess? Tears? And a different way of doing things?


But what you gain from it will prove to you - that the mess can wait.

We don't have anymore time to waste not taking care of ourselves.

Take the day.

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